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We are a small family run business trying to share a little joy to people and families throughout the UK. At the height of the global pandemic when everyone heard those famous words “Stay at home” we found ourselves struggling to find fun things to do, we had played every single card and boardgame that we owned, and we wanted something different.
People all over the globe were tapping into their creative side and producing all sorts of amazing business ideas, some to compensate for their loss of jobs, some because they were in isolation and others decided to connect with their entrepreneurial spirit.
We were a bit of all three. That is when we noticed a gap in the market for our first game Excellence – Black Edition, and so, we started the journey in creating this amazing board game with hopes to spread happiness in a time when so many things were uncertain, but also a time when people were starting to learn new things, broaden their minds and tighten family bonds.
Families all over the world appreciated each other on a whole new level, people who could not find time to visit each other previously were now desperate to see each other, desperate to hold each other and simply see their loved ones faces even if only for a brief period. The pandemic taught us to cherish the very things we often take for granted – family and friends.
Our first game brings family and friends together in the best way - encouraging conversations, building on knowledge, and laughing throughout. And that is our goal - to bring people together in a positive way.
Our family values are a huge part of who we are, but we are also very enthusiastic about helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, we understand first-hand how tough life can be if you do not have the best beginnings, especially when faced with obstacles and challenges that many others are not privy to. Opportunities are extremely limited for some young people, and we want to make an impact where we can. For this reason, we pledge to donate a percentage of our profits to charities that support young people to be the best possible version of themselves and we hope that you support us in doing so.
We have a multitude of fresh games coming soon, so stay tuned and stay blessed!

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