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Excellence -Black Edition Board Game

Excellence -Black Edition Board Game

This is the ultimate ONE-OF-A-KIND questions and answers board game specialising in black and urban culture.


With five categories including Geography, Music, Film & TV, Sports and General Knowledge.


The game is simple, answer as many questions correctly as you travel through Africa in a quest to reach the winning square.


Sounds straight forward, right?


Well, like all things in life - the journey would not be much fun if it were straight forward. So, expect some twists and turns along the way!


Not to worry though, these obstacles are bound to leave the whole family in fits of laughter with charade style shenanigans  to liven up any room. 


This game is great for family bonding, conversation starters and sheer jokes!


Who will be first to be crowned King or Queen?



                               “Every home should have an Excellence Board Game”

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